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Autumn Playlist


Sorry, I felt the need to capitalise that statement because I’m *so* very excited about my favourite time of the year being in full swing.

Sure, Halloween is over but that doesn’t mean the spooky celebrations have to stop. In fact, I’m about to go watch Hocus Pocus so spooky it up, folks!

On the other hand, Christmas is next month so maybe get cosy and watch an iconic Christmas film like The Elf? I dont know, you do you.

Anyway, whilst we’re on the topic of Halloween I may aswell share a pic of my Halloween outfit (any excuse, right?) I spent a good deal of time planning my costume not to mention the dangers I experienced whilst getting ready! I literally got glitter in my eyes. Yep.

I went as a devil, duh.

OK I’m done! Let’s back to the actual topic of this blog: providing you with a fiyah Autumn playlist 🔥

1. DVSN – Don’t Choose

2. Mabel – Ivy

3. Krept & Konan – For Me

4. Tom Odell – Somehow

5. Bryson Tiller – Nevermind This Interlude

6. Kehlani – Honey

7. Col3trane – Penelope

8. H.E.R – Every Kind Of Way

Do you guys have any song suggestions? I’d love to hear them 💫

Also, I can’t leave out the entire Hamilton soundtrack. Honestly, I’ve listened to it every day for about a year.

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Until next time,

My Final Year of Uni

Guys, I am SCARED to graduate and enter adult life. It seems like only yesterday I was sleeping in, watching too much tv and doing absolutely nothing with my life. Wait, that WAS yesterday. But still, you know what I mean.

Life is about to hit me hard and honestly, I’m not ready for it. What I’m going to do with my life is a question that crosses my mind a million times a day yet I still manage to find new ways to avoid dealing with it (like spending 3 hours researching which new face mask to buy) … a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 🤷🏻‍♀️

My life might be a shambles, but I WILL have clear skin!

Moving on, I have some big choices to make about my future which realistically should already be made but they’re not, and I’m ok with it. I don’t want to rush into something that I regret and I also want to spend a little time enjoying my life education free. In the words of the great philosopher Queen Clarisse Renaldi, a Queen is never late, everyone else is simply early. I repeat this to myself whenever I have an existential crisis (which is quite often come to think of it)…

Why must life be so complicated?!

Now if you excuse me, I’m off to have a bubble bath after a long hard day of doing absolutely nothing. Ciao!

My All Time Favourite Horror Movies

Feeling spooky but still need some horror movie inspo? Then look no further! I’ve got you covered.

Halloween is my favourite season (it’s a season guys) and I begin my festivities and preparation as soon as September arrives! …aka cinnamon sprinkles on everything and The Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat (love you Jack) 🎃💀

Anyway, as you probably guessed, I’m a HUGE horror movie fan so I thought it was only fair to share some of my favourites with you guys to watch over this wonderful season!

1. The Nighmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favourite films (especially because you can watch it during Halloween and Christmas!) and is a film I’ve grown up watching. I love the story, the soundtrack, the characters… I could go on and on! I’ve always loved stop motion animation too so this film really does hold a special place in my heart.

Watch it with:

Your best friend! Everything is more fun when shared.

…also Jack is everything.

2. Child’s play

In my opinion, I think the first film in the Chucky series is the best (although I’m very excited for the new one to be released🎃)

I think it strikes the balance perfectly between terror and fun.. I mean what’s not to love about a killer doll?!

Watch it with:

Popcorn and a snuggly blanket.

3. The Shining


Do I even need to explain this one?

Watch it with:

The lights off!

4. Insidious Trilogy

I LOVE the Insidious film series! They’re sophisticated, smart and actually scary.

The first film is terrifying (tiptoe through the tulips is a no from me) and is an all round really enjoyable film with jump scares, tension and a demon.

The second film is just as terrifying with a great twist!

The third film doesn’t follow the storyline of the first two but is, in my opinion, the scariest of the three. If you haven’t watched these films yet, you really should this Halloween!

Watch it with:

Your friends!

5. Coraline

A story about a girl that gets lured into a dark, magical universe where she meets her ‘other mother’ that has buttons for eyes and not so nice intentions.

Watch it:

On repeat!
I’ll be adding more films as Halloween approaches… stay tuned 💀

GD x

Hey, whats up? I’m Beth!

I’ve always loved writing (I’m currently studying English Literature at uni) so I thought, why not start a blog? So, here it is! I hope you like it as much as I like Game of Thrones.. and that’s a LOT.
When I first made this blog, I initially intended it to be a place where I could write about fashion and my personal life. However, I’ve realised what I really want it to be is an expression of me  – life ramblings and all.

I hope you enjoy it.

girldaze x

Summer Haze 🍃

Today has been absolutely beautiful.
The sun has been shining (an anomaly in the UK) I wore my favourite pair of jeans, went for a walk and managed to snap a few pictures in the process 🌱

I hope you enjoy!

It was really hot today (and by that I mean it wasn’t raining) so I went for a walk around a lake with some of my family.

I’m genuinely scared of birds (don’t ask) but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some beautiful pictures of these Swans. Even so, I still had to leg it after taking this picture because the one at the front started squawking and waggling its feathers at me. I survived, in case you were wondering.

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and I’ve not yet gotten bored of it (or fallen off the edge of that boardwalk)

I love it here 💜 It’s beautiful, peaceful and quiet. The perfect place.

GD x