Autumn Bedroom Ideas 🍂

Hello lovelies! How are you?

I have a reading week in uni which basically means I’m about to spend the week watching stranger things and sleeping. Juuust kidding, I’m going to spend the week watching stranger things, sleeping and doing important uni work…probably.

Yesterday, I decided to make a blog post all about how to make your room look cute on a budget! Now that it’s November it’s basically Christmas and there’s nothing nicer than coming home to a cosy room where you can snuggle up with a hot chocolate and watch *iconic* Christmas films like The Grinch.

So, after thinking long and hard about how to transform my bedroom without spending too much money it finally hit me: PRIMARK. They do the most amazing homeware for the cheapest prices so I couldn’t help picking up some pillows and a fluffy throw whilst I was out shopping with one of my best friends the other day:

I honestly can’t get over how SOFT they are. I love all things cosy and I’m obsessed with throws (I have around 5 currently in my bedroom) but I find that they can be so expensive so I was pleasantly surprised to find that Primark sell a range of absolutely gorgeous throws for insanely cheap prices (my one cost £6!)

The pillow I bought matches the throw and cost just £3! It’s such a lovely quality and again, it’s SO softI also love the neutral colour as it works with a range of colour schemes. I’m obsessed.

I bought the same pillow in pink a little while ago to add a bit of colour to my room (I’m a pillow hoarder, guys) and I can honestly say I’m so impressed with the quality of Primark’s homeware range.

Another favourite of mine that I think are the perfect detail to any space are candles! I adore candles. Seriously, they’re my favourite thing. They smell good, they’re atmospheric and they’re so relaxing. Honestly, what’s not to love?!

I bought a spiced apple candle recently from ASDA for £3 and it smells so good. During this time of year, my candles of choice most likely have the word ‘spiced’ somewhere in it’s description. Scrap that, they definitely do. If a candle smells like Starbucks at Christmas, I’m 1000% buying it.

It burns for fifty hours so it’s great value for money. Plus, it looks adorable which is an added bonus 🌟

I was in the holiday spirit on the weekend and decided to treat myself to a Christmas Yankee Candle and it smells divine. 

This candle literally smells like a spiced gingerbread latte and it’s taking a lot of willpower not to start burning it before December 1st! It was a little bit more expensive than my other one (£8.99) but so worth it. ☃️

It sounds silly but I love the little details like  placing my slippers on the floor by my bed or putting a few books on my desk. I have a wall hook where I keep my most used accessories and honestly, I just think it adds a cute touch to my room.

Right now, I have my favourite bag which cost £7 from Primark, my beret from ASOS which I’m obsessed with and my new scarf!

Let’s not forget the most important detail, fairy lights! They’re the perfect touch to make any room look cosy and I love them.

I have some on the frame of my bed! Admittedly, they’re not turned on because it’s the middle of the day (and I was too lazy to lean across and turn them on before taking a pic) but I’ve been a fan of fairy lights for years and firmly believe that no bedroom is complete without them. ✨

What do you use to make your bedrooms/spaces look cute and cosy? I’d love to hear them!

Also, I’m thinking about making a YouTube Channel in the very near future! If you would be up for watching my vids please let me know 🌟 I’m thinking about filming my first video soon ✨

Until next time,


October Favourite: Rescue Remedy

Hello lovelies! How are you? I’ve recently arrived home from a week in Spain and besides from getting busy tanning and swimming with tropical fish, I did struggle with a little bit of anxiety in the airport.

I love going on holiday, but I’m not a huge fan of airports (apart from duty free shopping, obviously) so when Rescue Remedy offered to send me out a few products to try, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them!

Rescue Remedy specialise in creating products to aid in soothing anxiety and I found their products to be extremely effective and they’re something I’ll be using regularly from now on!

Keep reading to see what I got sent 👇🏼

1. Soothing Pastilles

These work. I took one as I left to go to the airport because I was feeling anxious and after about 10 minutes I felt a lot more at ease and relaxed. If you suffer with anxiety I can’t recommend these enough! Though they are not a cure, they really do help ease symptoms of anxiety and calm you down.

2. Comfort & Reassure Drops

This is my favourite from Rescue Remedy’s range of soothing products. You can either place a few drops on your tongue when required or mix it into a drink of your choice. Personally, I find that this product works really quickly (almost instantly) and literally does what it says on the tin – comforts & reassures you.

3. Chewing Gum

These are so handy for travelling and everyday life in general! I didn’t take these away with me, but I have been using them in university because chewing gum helps me to focus and I love the soothing element Rescue Remedy offers.

4. Rescue Plus Drops

Personally, I’ve found that the Rescue Plus Drops really help me to relax and enjoy going to class when I’m suffering from anxiety and again, the effects are almost instant. On top of that, I’ve also found that I’m able to focus more when it comes to studying. Win win? Win win.

If you’re interested in trying out Rescue Remedy you can find them in Holland & Barrett and Boots! They’re products really do work, and they’re also reasonably priced! What’s not to love?

Until next time!

How to Stay Motivated, Happy and Healthy at University

Hey guys!

I can’t believe it, but I’m about to become a… third year. HELP.

I’m finally starting to enter the dreaded world of adulthood and life is coming at me FAST. It’s chill tho.

Looking back, having to pick a degree to undertake at the age of 17 seems absolutely ridiculous seeing as I’m now nearly 21 and still none the wiser on what I want to do. Maybe its just me, but the pressure placed on me at such a young age was terrifying and stressful, and I ended up picking a course that I enjoyed, not so much wanted to pursue a career in. To top it off, university isn’t something that I’ve massively clicked with and the majority of my university experience so far has been spent in coffee shops whilst I skip a seminar, or out with my friends doing anything other than studying. I’ve really struggled to stay motivated and interested in my course. However, I’m going into my final year and I’m determined to throw myself into my studies and prove to myself that I can achieve what I set out at the start; a 2:1!

So, without further ado, keep reading to hear my top tips for staying motivated, happy and healthy in uni.

1. Create a timetable

I can’t stress the importance of a timetable! As soon as you have your modules picked and your module guide books, outline a timetable tailored to yourself that will allow you to balance your study time hour by hour, day by day, so that you remain organised and are able to balance other commitments like a job (or a night out).

2. Get your stationary popping


The shop of dreams, albeit slightly (ok, massively) overpriced. Whenever I eperience a lack of motivation in uni or just life in general, I get myself down to Paperchase and buy a new organiser. Trust me, it’s more effective than a venti americano at Starbucks.

 3. Get your beauty sleep.

8 hours? 8 hours.

4. Make time for yourself.

Enjoy the little things! Sleep in sometimes, go shopping, tidy your room. Take care of yourself and remember that university is only temporary. It’s ok to take a day off too, just  don’t make a habit of it and realise 4 months too late that you really should have gone to that one seminar about that book you have to cover in your reallyyyimportant final year essay.

5. Socialise

Universities can be isolating places. Push yourself to socialise and make friends even if that means coming out of your comfort zone! Join a society, go for coffee with your new course pals or even start up a study group. I promise you’ll be glad you did it.

You GOT this.

gd x