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Why Becoming A Vegetarian Changed My Life

Hey lovelies! Hope you’re well 💓

Today I woke up and felt like writing a blog post about vegetarianism and my experience of it. 

On New Year’s Day, it marked my fourth year of being a vegetarian and honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Although, it did take me a little while to commit to the lifestyle.

Growing up, vegetarianism was a common thing in my house. My dad has been a vegetarian my whole life, so when I was growing up, I never saw being a vegetarian or eating vegetarian food as being strange because it was normal to me. Most nights my mum would make a vegetarian meal in the evening for everyone and so vegetarianism became a norm for me from a really young age. 

I first gave vegetarianism a go when I was about 16 and lasted about 6 months and then I somehow managed up in McDonald’s buying a 20 box of chicken nuggets (it was all a bit of a blur) but it was something that I wanted so I don’t feel bad about it. Anyway, I started to eat meat again for about 5 months but it just didn’t feel right anymore, I’m not sure if it was my mindset or the fact I didn’t eat meat for 6 months but I found that eating meat made me uncomfortable and I couldn’t shake that feeling. 

So, it’s no surprise that I gave it another go, and stuck to it. Being a vegetarian has changed my way of thinking, my body and has made me a much happier, healthier person. 

Here’s five ways being a vegetarian has changed my life:

1. Healthy lifestyle 

Don’t get me wrong, being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose two stone and be the healthiest person in the world. It’s so easy to eat badly and have an unbalanced diet. However, I’ve found that being a vegetarian has made me want to eat healthy and be healthy. Along with becoming a vegetarian, I started to go to the gym and focus on ways to make myself happier and healthier. 

2. Given me discipline 

Being a vegetarian isn’t easy, and I personally believe that it takes about a year  to figure out if you can be one long term. 

On top of this, being vegetarian isn’t just cutting out meat from your diet. It means cutting out certain stuff like haribos and marshmellows (you can get veggie versions but it’s still a pain) 😔

All in all, being a vegetarian has proved that I can stick to something no matter how awkward it can be. 

3. More educated about what I’m putting in my body 

I’ve found that I’m a lot more fussy over what I eat in general. I drink cow’s milk and eat eggs but I’m put off from them after researching about the realities of those industries and the treatment of animals. However, regardless of my personal views, I do believe that people can eat whatever they want because it isn’t my business 🤷🏻‍♀️ if people want to be vegetarian or vegan, cool. If they don’t? That’s cool, too. 

4. Happier 

I feel so much happier and energised ❤️ Obviously I have bad days, but I’m a much happier person in general ✨

5. Made my skin clearer 

I’m not sure if this is entirely from being a vegetarian, but I’ve cut out a lot of processed foods and junk food since becoming vegetarian and my skin has definitely thanked me for it. 
Are you a vegetarian? What’s your opinion? Let me know❤️
Thank you for reading!
Until next time,


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