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I’m being featured in VOGUE?!🌟

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to make a quick blog post because recently I found out that I’m being featured in… VOGUE! 

No words can quite describe the surreal feeling I experienced when I looked down at my phone and saw the message stating, ‘we’ve selected your photo for VOGUE.’ If anything, I think it could potentially be likened to that feeling when you’ve drank so much coffee you’re on the verge of passing out. Fyi, I didn’t actually pass out but I’m pretty sure I very nearly went into cardiac arrest.

 I’m a regular blogger for the wonderful company BESSIE (who make the most stunning bags) and they’ve selected a photo I took for them to use in British Vogue January 2018.

Guys, my KNEE is gonna be in British VOGUE. I’ve peaked. 

Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

In all seriousness, I’m so grateful for this opportunity, never in a million years did I think something of mine would be featured in my favourite magazine. πŸ’›

If you like the bag, check it out over on https://www.bessielondon.com/ 


That’s all for now lovelies 🌟

Until next time, 


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