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Autumn Playlist


Sorry, I felt the need to capitalise that statement because I’m *so* very excited about my favourite time of the year being in full swing.

Sure, Halloween is over but that doesn’t mean the spooky celebrations have to stop. In fact, I’m about to go watch Hocus Pocus so spooky it up, folks!

On the other hand, Christmas is next month so maybe get cosy and watch an iconic Christmas film like The Elf? I dont know, you do you. 

Anyway, whilst we’re on the topic of Halloween I may aswell share a pic of my Halloween outfit (any excuse, right?) I spent a good deal of time planning my costume not to mention the dangers I experienced whilst getting ready! I literally got glitter in my eyes. Yep.

I went as a devil, duh.

OK I’m done! Let’s back to the actual topic of this blog: providing you with a fiyah Autumn playlist 🔥

1. DVSN – Don’t Choose

2. Mabel – Ivy

3. Krept & Konan – For Me

4. Tom Odell – Somehow

5. Bryson Tiller – Nevermind This Interlude

6. Kehlani – Honey

7. Col3trane – Penelope 

8. H.E.R – Every Kind Of Way

Do you guys have any song suggestions? I’d love to hear them 💫

Also, I can’t leave out the entire Hamilton soundtrack. Honestly, I’ve listened to it every day for about a year. 

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Until next time,

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