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Feather & Down

Recently, Feather & Down sent me some of their very nice (and very sleepy) products. They’re a sleep and wellbeing brand with amazing reviews so when I woke up last week to a parcel from them waiting for me, I couldn’t wait to start trying out their products!

I was sent three products:

  1. Pillow Spray
  2. Sleep Balm
  3. Melting Shower Cream

Beautiful packaging

The packaging was beautiful! It arrived in a little white box with blue ribbon tied around it with Feather and Down written on it. Inside, the products were wrapped up in blue paper and laying on a bed of silver shredded tissue paper. It looked really beautiful so I had to take a few pictures!

silver shredded tissue paper

Feather and Down sticker

As Feather & Down’s products are designed to improve sleep quality I had to endure a whole day before being able to try them out for myself. So, when I got home from a day of uni and a shift at work, I was more than ready to get those 8 hours.

The first product I tried was the Pillow Spray:

This stuff is AMAZING. I honestly cannot get over how much this has improved the quality of my sleep. I did as the packaging instructed and sprayed it ‘generously’ over my pillow before I went to sleep and the smell is divine. It is a mixture of chamomile and lavender which instantly induced feelings of relaxation and calmness.

Lavender has also been proven to increase the amount of time you spend in slow wave sleep so when my alarm went off at 7am the next day, I didn’t want to murder anyone. Winning.

Tip – As well as your pillow, why not spray a little on your duvet?

The next product I tried was the sleep balm:

This is my favourite product from Feather and Down’s range! It’s a balm made up of lavender and chamomile oils and, guys, it’s beautiful. The instructions are to massage the fragrance balm into your pulse points which makes the fragrance last longer due to the beat of your heart.

Personally, I’ve found it to be a really relaxing step in my night time routine and it’s something I’m going to be using regularly.

Did I mention it’s also blended with nourishing vitamin E? Heart eyes.

Tip – combine the pillow spray and balm to maximise the relaxing aroma and ease your mind. 

The final item I was sent is the melting shower cream:

I love this shower cream! Again, it consists of lavender and chamomile oils and smells absolutely gorgeous. I like to shower every night before bed so I love to use this shower cream as it helps me to relax and unwind after a long day.

I’ve also found that the fragrance lasts for a long time after showering which really impressed me.

Tip: A routine is key! Why not create a nightime routine consisting of this lovely shower cream?

You can find Feather and Down in Boots:


While you’re at it, why not check out Feather and Down’s YouTube channel? With video’s filled to the brim with sleep tips and more, you won’t be disappointed!

I particularly enjoyed the ‘Seasonal Sleep Tips’ video.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Until next time,


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