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I love BESSIE and you should too

Hello all! Welcome back to my little corner of the world. 

 I recently became a blogger for BESSIE (an amazing company that make bags) and to put it bluntly, I am obsessed! Their beautiful creations are heart eye emoji, affordable and completely unique.


The flowers, the colours, the people

What draws me most to BESSIE is the clear love and dedication that has gone into making this beautiful brand a reality. The sheer passion behind BESSIE is the ultimate driving force propelling this brand forward, and you can’t help but appreciate it for what it is – sophisticated, stylish and smart. 

They recently hooked me up with a stunning new bag and I think I might be in love. Actually, scrap that, I AM in love. 

As soon as I got home from work I rushed to the huge cardboard box in my passage and was not disappointed. I opened it up to discover the most GORGEOUS bag I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, it’s perfect.

Wanna see pics? Of course you do. Keep reading to see ➡️


This bag is a dream. The quality is incredible, and the effort Bessie put into their products is clear to see from the beautiful packaging and attention to detail (the brand name is visible on the bag)

I also love the protective fabric bag they include to store your bag in when you’re not using it which is both a nice touch and useful bonus. 

In addition, this bag is big enough to fit all of my important essentials in (like food) and the length of it means I can also fit my uni work in there without having to fold it which I love.
Can you hear me crying?

I also absolutely adore the design and colour scheme of the packaging used. Not only do they keep your items safe, but they look absolutely beautiful and are minimalistic. Win win.

This bag has already become a staple outfit choice as it contains both the colour tan and black (therefore it suits EVERYTHING) and I just can’t get enough of it. 

If you’re looking for a new bag for autumn, I can’t recommend BESSIE enough! Their bags are affordable, stylish and a true labour of love. This brand is definitely one to watch.

Check them out here:  https://www.bessielondon.com/

Thank you so much for reading! 

Until next time,


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