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New Look Shopping Haul 

Hello lovelies! 

Autumn is coming but my summer isn’t over just yet because I’m going to Spain at the end of the month! I NEED new clothes (and a tan) 💃🏻

I bought a few things from my faves New Look recently.  They have an amazing deal on right now (buy one item get one free) and my bank account is hurting because of it. Oops. 

Keep reading to see a few styles I’m loving right now and what I bought! 

I’m so in love with this dress! I got it for the bargain price of £10 and honestly, I’m obsessed. 

I’m planning on wearing this during the evenings in Spain as I feel it’s a little more formal and sophisticated. Plus, there’s no point in making much of an effort with my appearance during the day as I have more important things to do, like sunbathe. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I think that a pair of heeled sandals are the perfect option for this outfit as it’s a midi dress and the extra height balances out the proportions. 

I think that the details of this dress are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the criss crossing of the straps and the floral pattern. 

Also, did I mention it’s only cost TEN pounds?! 

This top is my favourite purchase! It’s not actually for hols (I only bought it because I loved the design) but what’s a shopping trip without a little indulgence? The cut of this blouse is so flattering and is the perfect statement piece for autumn. 

This lil bardot top is everything. It’s so flattering and the longer length of the arms means I can wear it during the colder months as well as in Spain. The colours also give this top a very autumnal vibe but the bardot cut makes it perfect for the sun. 

Practical AND chic. Winning? Winning.

Oh how I love this dress! It caught my eye in the shop and I instantly knew I had to have it. Plus I got it for free because of the buy one get one free deal! New Look come thruuu 🎉

The beloved yellow leather jacket. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

I also bought a new pair of flats (which is rare for me considering I live in ankle boots) and I love them! 

These only cost £8 and they’re such a lovely quality! They’re perfect for autumn. 

Again, I bought all this stuff from New Look so if you like any of these styles do check out their website! 

I hope you enjoyed this type of blog! I’ll be doing more of this nature in the future.

GD x 


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