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Summer Haze 🍃

Today has been absolutely beautiful.
The sun has been shining (an anomaly in the UK) I wore my favourite pair of jeans, went for a walk and managed to snap a few pictures in the process 🌱

I hope you enjoy!

It was really hot today (and by that I mean it wasn’t raining) so I went for a walk around a lake with some of my family.

I’m genuinely scared of birds (don’t ask) but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some beautiful pictures of these Swans. Even so, I still had to leg it after taking this picture because the one at the front started squawking and waggling its feathers at me. I survived, in case you were wondering.

exploring! Absolutely candid, might I add.. (I swear)

I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and I’ve not yet gotten bored of it (or fallen off the edge of that boardwalk)

I love it here 💜 It’s beautiful, peaceful and quiet. The perfect place.

GD x

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